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Baltic Porter

Alexander is a Baltic Porter aged on oak and Irish whiskey. The addition of licorice and vanilla emphasize the warmth of the alcohol and the beer’s complexity. Alexander is named after Hjort's eldest son. Elected as the best "Goodnight-beer" of the North at the Nordic Brew Festival in 2018. Won silver at the Barcelona Beer Challenge in 2019.

ALC: 8,8 % – IBU: 30 – EBC: 55 – OG: 1084


American IPA

Flavorful American IPA with generous mouthfeel. Its hops, Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic provide delightful taste and aroma from tropical fruits, complemented by a soft and round bitterness. Won "Best IPA" in the magazine "Whisky & Rom" in 2020. Won silver at European Beer Challenge in 2021.

ALC.: 7,5 % – IBU: 60 – EBC: 26 – OG: 1070

Wiener Walzer

Dark Lager 

This is a Vienna Lager with flavor and aroma from its Vienna, Caramel, and Chocolate malts which, in concert with its Hallertauer Mittelfrüh-hops, balance the beer beautifully. Gold-winner at the Danish hand-brew championships 2017. Gold-winner at Barcelona Beer Challenge in 2020.

ALC: 5,6% – IBU: 25 – EBC: 28 – OG: 1053

Brown Bella

Belgian Dubbel 

Brown Bella is a Belgian Dubbel with a light vinous character. A pleasant full-bodied beer that strikes a balance. Wonderful dry-fruits aroma accompanied by notes of nuts and chocolate. Silver-winner at the Danish hand-brew championships 2017. Bronze-winner at BBC in Barcelona 2021.

ALC: 7,4% – IBU: 25 – EBC: 50 – OG: 1072



Bubbly Weissbier with delightful mouthfeel and taste. Ideal balance between malt, wheat, and its Munich and Hallertauer hops, topped by sweet oranges. Bronze-winner at European Beer Challenge 2021.

ALC: 5,1% – IBU: 12 – EBC: 15 – OG: 1053



Won a GOLD medal at the European Beer Challenge 2021.

Angelina is a beautiful golden Maibock with plenty of body and a puffy creamy head.

A Lager-beer with a full malt character, where the Central European hops balance the beer beautifully, and complements with a slightly spicy and floral aroma.

ALC: 6.6% – IBU: 30 – EBC: 20 – OG: 1070


Belgian Wit

Sebastian is a light, crisp Belgian Witbier with notes of lemon, orange, and coriander. Dry-hopped with Citra, with a dash of lemon. Sebastian is named after Hjort's youngest son. Gold-winner at the European Beer Challenge in 2021.

ALC: 5,0 % – IBU: 20 – EBC: 8 – OG: 1051



Amigo is a light and crisp pilsner with a lovely straw-like yellow color. The four different types of malt provides a round and pleasant taste. It has a distinct hoppy character from the German Hallertauer-hop which gives it a fresh and slightly spicy taste.
A pale lager that goes well with everything.

ALK: 5,2% – IBU: 30 – EBC: 11 – OG: 1052


Berliner Weisse

Aronia is our Berliner Weisse. A fresh sour with aronia and raspberries, which combine for a beautiful ruby-red color, an aromatic smell, and a light sour flavor. Legend tells of Napoleon’s troops cherishing Berliner Weisse so much that they called it the ‘Champagne of the North’. An easy-drinking, bubbly beer. The aronia-berries are harvested at Elkærholm. Elkærholm.

Refreshing to enjoy ice cold in a champagne glass.

Won the award as the best 'Girlfriend beer' at the Nordic Brew Festival 2021.

ALK.: 3,6 % – IBU: 4 – OG: 1035

Aronia - Berliner Weisse